Yolanda Ross

OMG! I can’t believe I got a chance to interview someone from my favorite show at the moment “The Chi”. If you are not hip to the hottest show on television then allow me to properly introduce you. The Chi was created by Lena Waithe who just appeared on the recent cover of Vanity Fair. I was first introduced to “The Chi” by a special yogi named Princess, who I was able to interview when I first began my blog. After watching the first show I was hooked from week to week. I love the show because there is someone everyone can identify with immediately. The plot thickens every show and viewers are never disappointed. Not to throw shade, but I use to feel that way about Empire but now my loyalty goes to “The Chi”.

To give you the details of Yolonda Ross’s character her name is Jada. She is a single mother who has a grown son named Emmett living with her and she is trying to work and keep him on the right track. Emmett is seen through the audience’s eyes as discovering his manhood and taking care of his young son. What I adore most about Yolonda’s character is that she is not cottleling Emmitt. She is giving him just the right amount of tough love. Yolonda’s character is also selfless and caring. She is a nurse who is taking care of a elderly lady and ends up losing her job. I don’t want to tell you too much about her character because I want you to catch up on the entire season in case you haven’t seen the show. To learn more about the phenomenal actress Yolonda Ross, her career, and her character from The Chi keep reading below.

My Exclusive Interview With Yolanda Ross

C.Y.C.- How did you get started in acting?

Y.R.- I did a few music videos. I also filled in for a friend on SNL doing background work. From there I got my union card, an agent and my first audition, for NY Undercover. I booked it. It took four years for the next one, “Stranger Inside”. That was it for me. I found what I was put here for acting, creating content, and utilizing all the gifts I’ve been blessed with. 

C.Y.C.- What is your favorite role that you have played so far?

Y.R.-I love Jada, but “Treasure” from “Stranger Inside” is still my favorite. I went through so much with her.

C.Y.C.- Do you still find it hard to find work as an actress in Hollywood being a woman of color?

Y.R.- It’s a non-stop job. It doesn’t necessarily get easier finding work, because it looks like women of color are being hired more. There’s always obstacles. Just know that nothing stays the same.

C.Y.C.-What is your biggest accomplishment in your career so far?

Y.R.- Actually having 20 years of solid work to show, and now getting ready to direct my first feature this year.

C.Y.C- What would your career be if you were not an actress?
Y.R.- Well, I didn’t set out to act. I was in the fashion business before. If I weren’t an actress now, I’d probably be doing Interior design or writing/directing.

C.Y.C.-What is your dream role? Who would you want to be your co-stars?

Y.R.- There’s something I wrote, that I will bring to the surface soon. I want my co-star to be Mya Rudolph.

C.Y.C.- I love your character on The Chi how did it happen? Were you approached to play the role, or did you have to audition?

Y.R.- I auditioned. Didn’t get it. The show came back around as they re-cast it. I got it. 

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C.Y.C.- Your character Jada on the show “The Chi” is a single mother who is teaching her son Emmett how to be a man and take care of his responsibilities. How can you identify with this character? 

Y.R.-Jada is a nurturing person. She’s caring. She uses common sense. She gives, without being a pushover. I feel I’m very much like her in many ways. 

C.Y.C.- Can you give us any details on what’s next for your character on season 2 of The Chi?

Y.R.- HAHA!  I have NO idea. I’m excited to get back to work, to find out!!

C.Y.C.-Did you think the show would be as big as it is? The reviews and the feedback of the show are phenomenal.

Y.R.- With Lena’s success, and knowing how well written the show was, along with us all giving everything to our characters and the show, I felt like it would be a hit. I didn’t dream of it hitting the level that it has with viewers. It’s pretty amazing having friends around the world ask me about Papa or Ethel LOL. Their streaming it, and loving it, that’s wild. It’s really great being able to get on twitter or instagram and talk with people about the show and the characters. I miss live tweeting on Sundays, because everyone has their thoughts on what’s going to happen and I’m sitting there with them, because I haven’t read the script in months, and never saw the other scenes filmed, so it’s fun and exciting. 

C.Y.C.- What is next for you in your career? I know you are a writer and director do you plan on directing your own show in the future?

Y.R.-I have a movie coming out in the Fall called “Out of Blue”, and I’m in Terence Nance’s new project, and directing my first feature this Fall.

C.Y.C.- What is the key to breaking into the industry now in 2018? Would you suggest playing an extra in roles just to get a start?

Y.R.- You know, I can’t say how someone else should go about it, ’cause it’s different for all of us. At this time in the industry, there are many unconventional ways to go about it. I’d just say do what feels right to you.  Know the business. Learn your craft, if that’s the kind of actor you’re looking to be. 

C.Y.C.- I always end my interviews with a quote. What is a quote that you live by daily?

Y.R.- “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

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