As 2020 has come to an end, thank you Jesus, we are welcoming 2021 with open arms. I don’t know about you but 2020 was a rough year for most of us. I had some personal things take place that left me broken hearted and displaced, but like all storms that may happen suddenly in our lives sunshine always appears. In the midst of my heartache and being laid off one of my jobs due to Covid-19 I found new love.

Not only did I find new love, but I started cooking more and spending time doing the things that I enjoy. Such as, taking hot baths, being one with nature, and doing home self care were all of the things I didn’t have time for before because the 9-5 consumed my everyday life. Although, the year of 2020 was like a sweet and sour sauce with a bad after taste, I’m looking forward to 2021 and you should too.

Unlike most new year blog post I don’t have a resolution this year. I’ve decided that I’m just going to do the work. I want to be more consistent in my creative work and to do it with intention. I always say I am more of a creative person and I can only create when I feel inspired, but I need to be more business minded and do my work with intention. I honestly believe that income can be made from doing your passion instead of going to a steady 9-5, especially if you are a natural born creative. Why work for someone else when God has given you the tools required to work for yourself? If you haven’t already done this don’t make a resolution that you can’t stick to instead write down some short term goals and take baby steps to achieve them. That way you won’t feel so bad when they don’t get done. Speaking of goals to get you inspired let me share with you some of my own.


  1. I’m developing a new podcast for Clutch Your Closet all about relationships called “Booze & Bubbly”. I’m no expert in this department for sure, but this podcast is going to be my form of therapy and fun at the same time. I don’t have a launch date as of yet, but just know it’s in the works.
  2. I want to do more fashion based videos on YouTube- I’m not always as consistent as I should be and I’m not sure why. Procrastination is probably one of the worst habits I have, but in 2021 I’m going to try my best to change it.
  3. Find a job I really love doing- All of my jobs I’ve ever worked were just to pay bills. I don’t want that anymore. I want the job I decide to take to bring and give me joy. If you don’t love what you do then what’s the point of doing it? “Think on it.”

Now that I’ve shared some of my goals with you what are some of your goals? Write them down and make sure you accomplish them this year. Know that you are the only person that can ever hold yourself back from accomplishing anything. If you don’t have a support system to keep pushing be your own hype man, but however you have to get the job done, just do it.

I hope that 2021 walks you right into your passion and that you are able to discover your purpose. I wish for each reader reading this post to have financial stabilty, healthy bodies, and sound mental health.


“Stay Clutch”