Every time someone mentions the word V-A-G-I-N-A it’s almost like some people are extremely embarrassed. I honestly think we as a culture don’t talk about it enough. Growing up my mother taught me the basic essentials of cleaning my vagina, but she never really told me that once you have sex your vagina may go through some changes LOL! ( Don’t act like you can’t relate, because I know you can girl.)

To be honest, I lost my virginity at the age of 22 to a long term boyfriend that I had in high school. I had no idea what to expect. I did discover that once my sex life became regular with this boyfriend of mine I was always red and inflamed. Our protection of choice was condoms, but I was also using Summer’s Eve instead of the unscented mild Dove bar that my vagina was use to my whole life.

I switched to Summer’s Eve because that’s what everyone was using around me in college. I figured it must work since every girl had it. After much irritation and a swollen labia, I contacted my gynecologist and she told me that latex was the cause of my irritation and the Summer’s Eve was throwing off my PH balance. How could something that was supposed to protect me from STDs irritate my vagina? Clearly Summer’s Eve stated that it was a feminine wash and was gynecologist tested, so I really didn’t understand why I was having these problems.

 I felt like the world was setting women up for failure! It’s worldly standard to protect yourself, but in the same instance man created a product that made me and other women have allergic reactions. The immediate question in my mind was does society really care about my vagina? To my surprise I left the doctor that day with pills for 7 days and a vaginal cream. I had my first yeast infection! It was already difficult that I had to tell my boyfriend lame excuses on why I couldn’t have sex for 14 days. I wanted to give my vagina time to recuperate from the tragedy it had just experienced LOL. No one told me that you get a whole new vagina once you have sex!!!! Had someone gave me a warning of some sort I probably would still be a virgin today!

After that doctors visit I trashed the Summer’s Eve and stuck to my Dove unscented bar. My vagina finally went back to normal. I had to switch from latex to lambskin which was a bit more pricey, but it was worth the purchase. I will purchase lambskin any day in order to not deal with a swollen vagina! The one thing that I found interesting during my doctor visit was that we are not suppose to use soap on our vagina, just a cloth and warm water. She also said if you don’t feel fresh with just a cloth and water then make sure you are using a mild soap. We discussed Dove products and she said the bar I was using was fine because the other dove products were made with dyes and fragrances that could possibly be harmful to the vagina.

Always remember a healthy vaginal pH level is somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5, well into the acidic range. The reason for this is because the good bacteria living in the vagina produce lactic acid and that reduces the pH value. To make sure your vagina PH level is where it’s suppose to be pick up a Vagisil screening Test at your local drugstore. It’s always better to be safe then to walk around with an unbalanced PH level.

Moving forward to the present day, now that I am 32 I think I’m way more knowledgeable when it comes to my vagina. I really had to learn what my vagina likes and what it doesn’t. Everyone’s vagina is different. Mine tends to be on the more sensitive side. Some people can use any soap on their lady parts and be just fine. Actually I am finding that the older I get the more sensitive my vagina is. I currently still use my Dove bar from time to time, but I have found a few feminine washes that work well for me. To see which products and tips made my Vajayj list keep reading below.

The Clutch Vagina: Tips & Products To Help Your Vaginal Routine!

1. Wear Cotton Underwear- Cotton helps to keep you dry. I know we like lace, thongs, and all things sexy, but having a dry healthy vagina is more important. You can have sexy underwear from time to time as long as they have a cotton liner to protect your lady part you should be fine.

2. Don’t Be Afraid To Go Commando At Night- You have to think about it your vagina is enclosed in panties and clothing all day, let it breathe sis. You don’t have to do it every night if it makes you uncomfortable, but do it at least 3 times a week.

3. Stay Dry-  When getting out of the shower make sure your vagina is completely dry. Moisture causes yeast and odor. Freshen up throughout the day by using a vaginal wipe or a panty liner.

4. Have Clean Oral Sex– Before any one decides to perform oral sex on your lady part make sure their mouth is cleaned properly. I know you’re thinking that’s unrealistic when your in the heat of the moment, but to me it’s not. If he wants to engage in oral sex then he needs to have excellent oral hygiene. I would hate for that leftover pizza sauce from lunch to make it’s way into your vagina somehow. Also make sure you are fresh as well. No one wants to go down on you only to come in contact with a smelly vagina. 

5. Change Your Washcloth- Every 3 days or at least once a week. Washcloths hold bacteria and the more we use them the more bacteria it holds. So if you use a cloth on your lady parts make sure it’s changed out properly.  

6. Drink Cranberry & Pineapple Juice- Cranberry juice helps to flush out your urinary tract and pineapple juice has been linked to helping with vagina odor and the taste of your vagina. Anyone who has been around me long enough knows that I am a pineapple finatic. Try drinking it for 1 week straight and let me know what happens. Your partner will thank you for it!
7. Don’t Douche- Our vaginas are self cleansing. That’s why you may see discharge every now and then. The vagina has to clean itself out, so why purchase a douche? If you have extreme problems with odor, or if you just don’t feel fresh consult your doctor. Douching changes your PH and is not a healthy option for your vagina. Also, don’t use vaginal sprays. If soap and warm water are not enough and you are trying to mask a smell please consult your doctor.

8. Take A Probiotic- Probiotics are good for your immune system and they promote reproductive/ urinary health. Here is the link to the one that I am currently using click here.

9. Try Detox Pearls- I do detox pearls every six months so that’s twice a year. I found out about these while researching online. I have fibroids and I researched that detox pearls could help remove them and possibly shrink them. After using it this past December I feel cleaner, tighter, and my fibroids are not as painful during menstruation. Oh, and I did mention that my doctor did say that my 2 fibroids are shrinking! The pearls are filled with natural herbs that help balance vaginal pH, help with infertility, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis. I like this option because it is a holistic remedy instead of using harmful chemicals to detox your vagina. Here is the link to the last one that I used in December, click here.

10. Try A Vaginal Steam- This is basically a facial for your vagina. It started in Asia and has become quite popular in the states. Vaginal steaming is used as a natural remedy for cleaning the vagina, uterus, and the entire reproductive tract. It also allegedly relieves stress, depression, hemorrhoids, infections, infertility, hormone imbalances, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, and generalized pain. Check your local area and book your appointment. I would highly recommend to get one at least once a year.

11. Pray Over Your Vagina- It might sound crazy, but I do this every morning when I wake up! Just like we pray for everything else we have to pray for our bodies and overall health in general. Here is my vagina prayer I never change it up. I feel like consistency is the key to overall health! 
“Dear God, Thank you for giving me a healthy functioning vagina free from infection and any harmful depositions that may cause me heartache. Continue to give me the knowledge and compassion to be able to care for my vagina with love. Allow me to discern which person I should give it to so that they will honor it. Thank you for my fertility and giving me the opportunity to one day produce life if I choose to do so. In Jesus name Amen”.

12. Wash Your Hands- This is the most important tip I can give you. Before you or anyone else touches your vagina make sure they wash their hands. Dirty hands can lead to infections. I know men like touching us down below, but make sure his hands are clean. Even if you enjoy self pleasure wash your hands before you start. I would hate for you to give yourself an unnecessary yeast infection.

13. Keep Your Hair Trimmed- Hair causes odor from sweat. It’s hot down below so the less hair the better. If waxes work best for you go for it. If trimming works better do that. I would strongly suggest laser hair removal if it’s within your budget. Whatever you decide make your vagina neat. No one wants to see a forest everyday LOL.

Healthy Feminine Washes:

1. Medicine Mama’s V Magic- This is my favorite wash. Mama’s V magic is cruelty free of dyes and perfumes. It works extremely well. The smell is really refreshing like chamomile tea.

2. Real Feminine Wash- This one is great because all you need is just one pump. It lathers pretty well and it’s all natural. This one is my backup wash when I run out of everything.

I hope my tips were helpful and that some of you will try them out. Keep in mind every vagina looks different and smells different. The moment you begin to embrace the vagina God gave you is the moment when she will show you some love back. Take care of her and treat her like you do everything else. I wish all of you many healthy vagina days ahead! 

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”

Lala Walston

P.S.- Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I only shared what has worked for me. What works for me may not work for you. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it. Remember to always communicate with your partner and protect yourself. Everyone that you are in a relationship with may not be honest and have other partners. Don’t put your body at risk. Get tested!