When it comes to grooming essentials for men there are some staple items that every man should have. I know what your thinking, how would I know what men should or shouldn’t have? Well let’s just say your girl knows based on reviews, word of mouth, and the fact that I have plenty of male friends who keep me up-to-date. I wanted to write this post for all of the gents so you will know what’s “CLUTCH” before your wife, girlfriend, fiancé, or your potential mate has to inform you. Not to mention, us ladies are so tired of you stealing our products when they have items on the market formulated for your needs.

Since male skin tends to be thicker, dryer, sometimes oiler, and more prominent to large pores products that are curated just for you tends to be better for your skin. Your skincare regimen should include a facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliator especially if you shave, a serum, sunscreen, moisturizing lotion or balm, after shave balm, shaving cream or gel, lip balm, body wash, lip-scrub, a mask, and beard care if needed. To kick things off let’s start with body care, then a quick facial routine, and we will end with fragrances. Whether you are ready for a quick routine or a full blown regimen the items on my clutch list have you covered.


Body Wash- Body wash is just as important as everything else in your routine. You want it to cleanse you without over drying your skin. You also don’t want any harsh chemicals and the smell has to be long lasting. I’m not opposed to you using a bar soap, but I find that body wash is more moisturizing and last longer. The top body washes on the clutch list are:

  • Rugged and Dapper body wash and shampoo– I love this body wash for men because it non scented, which means you have to worry less about fragrance and you will get a more clean feel. This product is perfect to use after a hard day at work or after a workout.
  • Cremo Body Wash– I learned about Cremo from two of my ex boyfriends. Yes, I said two! Which means it has to be good. This body wash has amazing lather and fragrances to compliment everyone. My personal favorite scents are the sage citrus, and bourbon oak.
  • Dove Men care plus– Who doesn’t love Dove? I use their body wash regularly, so when I found out that they had a men’s care line I knew it was going to be awesome. Not only does it smell great it doesn’t leave the skin feeling streaky, or dry.
  • Every Man Jack Body Wash– This body wash also has good lather and a little goes a long way. The smells are very masculine, so if you are not big on husky musky scents this body wash isn’t for you, but if you are then this body wash will be your best friend.


Many men often neglect their face in more ways than one. The hot water and wash cloth trick worked well when you were a kid, but now skin care deserves a little bit more effort and time. Let’s start with the basics cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. I will list more products in case you are looking to purchase sunscreen and serums. All of the items will have links below. I could go into detail on what they all claim to do, but I am an honest believer in trial and error. Just try some of the products out and see if they work for you.






Chapstick/ Lip Balm/ Lip Scrubs

Beard Products



Well that sums up my ” Clutch Grooming Items for Men”!!

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”