Zara is the epitome of my existence! I am totally kidding, but when it comes to Zara’s fashion choices I instantly get excited to spend money. My money is well spent in Zara, especially during their sales. You don’t have to worry about super cheap quality clothing and some of the pieces are classic and will transcend the test of time. Zara is my second favorite retail store with T.J.Maxx ranking in first place.

I was browsing online for spring trends while clicking through the Zara website to only discover that they have makeup! Upon my research I am super late. Zara has had a makeup line since last December. I guess I was just the last person to know. You would think it would be expensive, but it’s actually quite affordable and possibly worth trying. I think the signature red lipstick shade is going to be my favorite. I am known for rocking a great red lip.

Photo courtesy of Zara Brand.

After being in utter shock that they have makeup, I went to the holy grail on the internet YouTube to check out the reviews, and so far so good. The makeup collection has a range of items. The lipstick collection comes in 12 shades ($12.90), along side the liquid lipsticks and lip-glosses ($9.90) that come in 8 shades. The lip liners match all of the lipsticks and they retail for ($5.90) not bad for a liner! If you are against purchasing each item separately don’t be afraid to try out the kits. The kit includes a liner, matte lipstick, and a liquid lipstick for ($25.90).

Zara stated that their new cosmetics venture aims to bring “top quality, innovative, fun and oh-so affordable products”. Since this is just the beginning of their makeup brand I am certain there is more to come. Are you excited about Zara’s new makeup line? I am stoked! My only concern is that it is not in stores. You can only purchase it online (click here), but hey that won’t stop me from adding it to my cart. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any Zara makeup products.

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“Stay Clutch”

Lala Walston