As a woman, one of the most important parts of our whole existence is our vagina. I often find that women cringe at the topic when it’s discussed. We as women should always feel comfortable talking about the organ that brings life into the world! Since I’m currently into self care, mind, body, and soul, I wanted to reach out to the creator of the brand ” The Honey Pot“. Beatrice Espada created a brand to help the vagina flourish. The affordable line consist of feminine washes, tampons, pads, panty sprays, and wipes. You don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals like parabens, or dioxides. The line is strictly plant based! Which means we can all say goodbye to the re-occurring yeast infections from other feminine washes. I first caught wind of The Honey Pot while browsing down the feminine care aisle in Target. I had no idea the brand was owned by a black woman. Once I found out I started to take interest in looking for YouTube reviews. Majority of the reviews were quite impressive. Then notoriety started to take place in the magazines online and in print. With head nods from Vogue, Essence, Marie Claire, Forbes, and Health I knew this brand was worth the hype.

I’ve always wanted to interview Beatrice, actually since 2016. I feel like timing is everything, and the time was now. Going into this interview I wanted to ask Beatrice every question possible that I thought you would want to know. Although, she is not a doctor after speaking with her she probably should have been a holistic OB- GYN. Her knowledge about our lady part is phenomenal. During the interview no question was off limits. I hope that you learn something from the interview and gain some sense of aspiration to go after your dreams. To learn more about The Honey Pot brand, Beatrice, and how to properly care for your vagina keep reading my exclusive interview below.

My Exclusive Interview With Beatrice Espada

The Honey Pot CEO and founder Beatrice Feliu-Espada

C.Y.C- Where are you orginally from and what made you want to start a feminine product line?

B.E.- I’m orginally from Phoenix Arizona. I didn’t really want to start a feminine care brand initially I more so wanted to heal myself. That’s how The Honey Pot came into existence.

C.Y.C.- Where did the name ” The Honey Pot” come from? People have so many different names for the vagina such as, vajayjay, flower, yoni etc.

B.E.- I actually was driving down the street and there was a band poster on the light pole and they were called the honey pot band. I just thought to myself that’s what I am going to name my brand. It’s not a grand story behind the name, but it worked.

C.Y.C.- I’m from the south so growing up my mother and I had very little discussion about the vagina. She taught me the basics on how to clean it, but when it came down to really knowing the parts like this is the clitoris things were just left unsaid. How did you become comfortable talking about the vagina?

B.E.- We try to be very upfront about what it is. We don’t use pet names. We say vagina, hymen, clitoris, etc. I’m not a doctor or a science expert. I just know how to make products that keep it healthy and clean. However, I can relate to your grandmother and your mom. During their era they were not taught how to openly address the vagina. They can’t teach you what they didn’t learn!

C.Y.C.- I guess I didn’t look at it from that perspective. Growing up my family were very religious people. Even when it came to sex, my mother explained it from a spiritual standpoint, but never in dept.

B.E.- Most people don’t understand that religion is a man- made thing. They are only living what they have been taught. Most people have been taught what you shouldn’t do which was passed down from generations. Sex and sexual health just wasn’t a topic that was often discussed.

C.Y.C.- Moving back to the vagina. Should we be washing our vaginas before and after sex?

B.E.- Yes, you should wash it before and after.

C.Y.C.- Should we only wash the outside or the inside as well? My OB-GYN told me I should only be using water to cleanse my vagina, but the way my lady parts are set up I have to use some type of soap, or I don’t feel fully clean.

B.E.- Well the thing most doctors don’t make clear to their patients is that there is a difference between your vagina and your vulva. The vagina is what’s inside your body. You shouldn’t have to really wash it because it’s self cleansing and a mucus membrane from the inside. If you have a lot of discharge, or a yeast infection then that’s a different conversation, that requires treatment. When doctors say all you need is water that is for the inside of your body not the outside. You should wash your vulva with warm water and with your hands. Use a safe feminine cleansing product. I suggest The Honey Pot products.

C.Y.C.- You mentioned using your hands instead of a wash cloth. Growing up I was taught to use a washcloth for my vagina and a loofah for my body. I currently use dove soap for sensitive skin on my vagina, but I heard it still has dye and summers eve breaks me out. Help me out sis what should I do?

B.E.- Products like ours is 90% water everything else in it is coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and lavender. Every female doesn’t have to use our products at a high percentage. Even the littlest amount will do what you need it to do. Our products have been formulated for your vagina. Due to the formula your body doesn’t have to figure out what it is. It’s just like having a food allergy. If you eat something your body is not aligned with your body’s response is like ” What The Fuck”. The allergic reaction such as hives, rashes, and etc. is actually the substance trying to expel itself from the body.

C.Y.C.- Since I’m very sensitive when it comes to products what do you suggest that I use from your line?

B.E.- I suggest you use the sensitive wash. When you are cleansing yourself front and back don’t use a washcloth you should use your hands, especially when you are going inside your lips. Washcloths carry bacteria. I use a washcloth on my body, but not on my vagina. I never reuse the same washcloth or towel twice. I wash them on the hottest setting possible and add non chlorine bleach to the water.

The Honey Pot Sensitive Wash

C.Y.C.- What is your best seller from your brand?

B.E.- It’s the sensitive line. The whole sensitive line is my best seller. I think that is because women see themselves as being sensitive. Our panty sprays are one of our top selling items on our website.

C.Y.C.- I am so glad you said feminine spray. I want to talk about it! People have said for years don’t use powder or feminine spray. Is it safe to use spray?

B.E.- Our products are very different from your typical sprays. Most feminine sprays are aerosols. It’s basically the same thing that you find in lighter fluid, a type of gas. They are very toxic. I don’t really share this often because I hate talking about my competitors. What makes our sprays different is that it’s mostly water, mineral salt, and essential oils. This is not a product that you are going to use if you have a bad vaginal odor. This is an external product. You would use it if it’s hot and you are outside all day.

C.Y.C.- I know I am all over the place, but let’s talk about menstruation. It seems like once my cycle ends my PH level changes. Do you have any suggestions?

B.E.- You have to know that your vagina does change PH because blood is alkaline. If it doesn’t change then there is something wrong. Every woman’s body is different. Everybody has a different smell or hormonal system. Your vagina is going to smell different during menstruation because your vagina is acidic and the blood is alkaline. If you have a fishy odor or huge amounts of color tone discharge see your doctor right away. It is perfectly normal for your vagina to have an iron smell during your cycle.

C.Y.C.- That makes perfect sense. I also remember a time where I got a yeast infection and I was literally doing the same routine. My doctor gave me an antibiotic and it came back. Do you have a clue why this could occur? I know some of my Clutch friends have had the same issue.

B.E.- The Dove soap that you use was probably changing your PH balance everyday. Let me break this down so that it will make more sense to you. What do you use to wash your face?

C.Y.C.- A mild facial cleanser.

B.E.- The product is made for your face. You wouldn’t use your face wash on your vagina. You have to use a vaginal wash that is made for your vagina. Bar soap is made with fat. If you are using a soap that is alkaline everyday your body is taking that in, and the vagina is a organ. Your vagina is just going to react to it. The soap you are using everyday your body is rejecting it. The way that it’s rejecting it is by getting irritated, or it may swell up. You know a product is the wrong thing to use if you are never 100% okay. Try “The Honey Pot”! Most women have great results with our products. The reason why is because we make a product that the skin understands.

C.Y.C.- I’m definitely going to try your products ( The sensitive Wash) it’s currently sold out on your website. I am going to have to check out my local Target or Walmart.

C.Y.C.- Was it really hard to get your products into target? What was the process like? A lot of entrepreneurs often have to pitch their products to huge retailers.

B.E.- We were really fortunate because Target came to us. We had to have a phone meeting with the buyer. A buyer may find you and scout you out, but there is still a process in order to get your products consumer ready for a major market. If a buyer doesn’t contact you the best thing to do is find a good broker that has a great business relationship with the retailer. You don’t want to go after a major retailer unless you are ready for mass production and you have the capital. If you don’t have the capital it’s okay to start with a small retailer and build your way up.

C.Y.C.- I consider you to be one of the trailblazers of our time. Do you have any advice for women who want to walk in your shoes, especially black women?

B.E.- First of all we can only walk in our shoes! Just know that no matter how it looks on the outside looking in everything is always relative. Make sure you connect with people who can give you advice on how to grow your business. I still have people I reach out to for advice for my own business. Your focus should always be doing what’s best for the bottom line. It shouldn’t be making a lot of money and etc. If you want to do something different and there is a need for a product that you can’t buy make it yourself. Don’t think just because you are making it yourself that you need to ask someone for their money right away. Most people who are starting a business automatically think I need to raise money right away. Often times that’s not the case. I would just say put the work in and do as much as you can before you go and ask for someone else’s money.

C.Y.C.- You are so wise for saying that. Most of the time people are just looking for handouts. I really appreciate you saying that. I haven’t heard that perspective from anyone I’ve interviewed.

B.E.- It’s so true! I would love to have millions from “The Honey Pot” but at this moment that is not where I am. I have to work with what I have now and continue to build. If you work hard enough someone will notice.

C.Y.C.- Thank you so much for doing this interview with me. You really gave my readers and I some good tips, and spread real knowledge on vaginal health. I appreciate you my sister.

B.E.- You are so welcome. Anytime it was a pleasure speaking with you.

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