As you all know by now I attended New York Fashion Week (NYFW) last season. The last show or presentation that I saw was from the brand Jun Jie at Pier 59 Studios. Jun Jie was founded by Designer Jun Jie Yang in 2017. With only one year under his belt he has managed to appear in NYFW for a second time. Last year he debuted in New York Fashion Week as a part of the VFILES Runway show.

The moment I walked into the presentation I was in utter shock. I had never heard of the brand, but I instantly knew that one day it was going to blow up the fashion scene. The premise behind this collection seemed to mimic retro vibes from the early 70’s. Each model was wearing something that every woman could relate to. There was so much beauty in “Studio D”. From the expressive colors, satin gowns, ankle boots with a 70’s block heel, accessorized with metal embellishments, bright blue pant suits, and lace sheer flowy gowns.

The brand described the collection from their point of view as sci-fi, house deco. One thing that is vitally important when it comes to a collection is the tailoring and it’s ability to transcend the test of time. I believe Jun Jie is here to stay. By displaying fitted blazers and cropped trousers with the pastel colors made the collection ready to wear with energetic vibes and a classy feel. I wouldn’t change one thing about their new SS19 collection. I felt like I was inside of a Marvin Gaye video with futuristic textures and design. It was properly curated and received great reviews from other industry professionals in the room.

Jun Jie is definitely trying to move fashion forward by looking back at the past for inspiration. I can dig it! The great thing is that they have already established worldwide media coverage. Jun Jie has been seen in publications like Vogue Runway, WWD, i-D, and Billboard. You have more than likely also seen Rihanna, Lil Yachty, and Gucci Mane rock Jun Jie. I’m not sure what’s up next for the brand, but I can’t wait to see them eventually compete with more established brands. This upcoming fashion week they will be doing a show in Paris. Make sure you follow them on Instagram in order to keep up with the brand.

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”

Latavia Walston