With the current lockdown almost coming to a halt, it’s time to display your spring wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you have reservations for brunch, a day out in the city, or a basic trip to the grocery store why not look good doing it? Blazers are a girls best friend in the spring! You can literally pair them with anything and be perfectly well put together. The thing that I love must about blazers in the spring are the colors. Think about pastels and colorful patterns when deciding on the perfect blazer. You can even pair it with your lockdown wardrobe. Where is it stated that you can’t pair a blazer with sweats?? Pairing a blazer with sweats/ loungewear can give you a more editorial look instantly.

Since I’m the blazer queen, to make your spring shopping easier I narrowed down my top five blazers that you must have in your wardrobe this season. Blazers can be double breasted, loose, long lined, or tailored. It all depends on the look you’re going for. The first blazer that I’m going to mention is double breasted because in my opinion this blazer gives you the most polished look. Think stylish and corporate! You can dress it up or down, and it’s appropriate for all seasons.

  1. The Double Breasted Blazer– Check out this blazer from Shein! It screams spring time without question. You can pair it with jeans, shorts, or a skirt. This blazer is a statement blazer, so I wouldn’t really worry about what you decide to pair it with on the bottom, let the blazer do the talking for you! To order click here.
Double Breasted Lemon Print Blazer
Image from Shein

2. The Tailored Blazer- The tailored blazer is a blazer that’s cut to fit your body. It has crisp lines and stitching. Consider it the blazer for the ultimate power suit. Check out this blazer from ASOS. Click here!

Image from Lulu’s

3. The Cropped Blazer- This is my favorite kind of blazer because I’m curvy and petite. I don’t have to worry about the blazer being extremely long. This blazer is suitable for women with short torso’s. Check out this one from Lulu’s. Click here.

4. The Color Block Blazer-The color block blazer is trendy and the most fashion forward piece that you can purchase for your wardrobe. Try finding one that has two bold colors that stands out. I found one for my plus size ladies. I didn’t want to leave you out. Here is my recommendation click here.

5. The Blazer Dress- This style blazer is here to stay. You can pair your blazer dress with thigh high boots, pumps, mules, and slides if you want. I would prefer you to style it with boots or pumps. You can even wear a biker short underneath if you feel like the dress is too short. Here is my option click here.

Baby Blue Gold Button Blazer Dress image 3

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my top five blazer picks for spring. Let me know in the comments where your favorite blazers are from.