As many of you may know by now style often fits into different categories. Some of them just to name a few are classic, tomboy chic, preppy, edgy, boho, and so forth. Today we will only focus on how to glam up a tomboy chic style. If you are like me a touch of glam is needed in order to not look completely masculine. There are settle ways to improve this style. Women are now wearing full men suits. To glam up a suit look try layering gold chains or showing a little bit of a-line cleavage. Make sure that the suit is tailored to your body. You can also wear a men’s oversized jacket, just add a crop top with some fitted skinny jeans and heels and you are good to go. To see what other tips I have to help you glam up your style keep reading.

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Check out my tomboy style!
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Adding a trench coat to your look instantly gives you a tomboy feel. Let the coat act as a statement garment.

L’Markeinparis’s Tips For Adding Glam To Your Tomboy Style!

  1. Over Accessorize With Jewelry- Wear statement necklaces and earrings to add a feminine touch. If you are wearing sweat pants and a hoodie add some gold or silver large hoops and a top knot bun.
  2. Wear Heels– Heels can instantly add glam to a tomboy chic style. Biker shorts are a popular trend with sweatshirts, by adding a heel to this outfit gives you height and a feminine flair.
  3. Wear a jeweled bowtie on your button up shirts– Adding a bowtie with feminine colors and jewels makes your outfit look more expensive, and it looks like you put more effort into getting dressed for the day.
  4. Add A Nice Feminine Cross Body Bag– Bags add personality to a tomboy chic style. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and texture. The more personality the bag has the better!
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Wear sneakers with personality! Add a bold color to your nails to glam up your look!
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How cute is my bowtie! It instantly added personality to my #ootd

I hope you enjoyed my quick tips for glamming up a tomboy style.

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”