Hi Clutch Family! I wanted to make a quick post to not only inspire your creativity, but to let you know my birthday this year was a blast. As all of us know Covid-19 has taken over the world, but I didn't let that stop me from celebrating my birthday. I turned 34 on May 13th and I wanted to do a Feista get-together with 4 of my friends. When you think of fiesta, automatically bright colors come to mind. I wanted sombraros, llamas, bright poms poms, and of course a lovely taco bar. To break down my planning process I compiled a list of duties that I did to help my special day run smoothly. To see my list below keep reading this post.

1. Look for Inspiration/ Venues

To begin my planning process I started looking online for fiesta theme inspiration. Pinterest is my go to social media site when it comes to literally anything. I created a pinterest board that consisted of drink ideas, and desert/ fiesta taco party ideas. After you create a pretty decent pinterest board you need to look for venues. Since we are currently indoors utilize your house or backyard. You can even fix up your patio. If you live in a apartment like me try to reserve space inside your community room. The community room gives you free range to decorate without the hassle of having people enter your personal space. If you are in the Washington, DC area the event space I used was Dope Life Curations event space in N.W. Washington, DC. I chose this space because it came equipped with a kitchen and had an open floor plan. This space for perfect for my taco bar and sip & paint set up.

2. Set a Budget

While this step seems easier said than done it is indeed necessary. Without a budget you will go bananas and possibly overspend. Due to the quarantine you need to save as much money as possible, you never know the world just might come to an end! My budget was $400.00 to be exact. I ended up spending $350.00 and that included food and décor.

3. Try to use things you already have at home

While buying new items seems like the ideal thing to do it can also run up your budget. I tried to find things around my house to lower my cost like paper plates, utensils, cups, pillow fillers, wine glasses etc. Get creative and use the multipurpose items you already have. No need to splurge when you don't have to.

4. Shop on sites that offer fast shipping

For my gathering I used Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Don't be afraid to use your local dollar store you will be surprised at the cute things you can find. To do my taco bar I brought serving trays and an array of different bowls from target. To label most of the food I brought chalkboard signs. I even found a 3 and 4 candy dish to add to my taco bar that I filled up with gummy bears. The key component to doing a DIY food bar is finding a centerpiece. Try to find a centerpiece for your food table and work around that concept. Buying a centerpiece makes the placement for your food easier and way less complicated.

5. Have Activities

Think about games you can play with your guest. I decided to set up a sip and paint table. We all painted canvases for my birthday and it was a hit. I also had hookah bottles set up at the painting table, so you could smoke, drink, and paint. If you are doing your gathering outside you could have ring toss, dart throwing, card games, and board games.
I hope this short blog post will help you plan a inside birthday event or minimal social gathering. I have attached some photos of my event below. Feel free to steal some of my ideas. Happy quarantine event planning!!!

Until Next Time,
"Stay Clutch"