Fall is officially here. It’s time to come out of the quarantine lounge wear and officially get dressed. Although most of us had to watch the trends through virtual fashion shows this year we all got a little dose of inspiration. I know some days may not feel like fall, more like a spring day, but who cares!!! We are all still going to slay this fall with some much needed online purchases. If you’re trying to stay on trend, no worries I got you covered. So… what items are clutch this fall? You will be surprised most of your summer essentials will be able to transfer over into the new season. Don’t pack up your tank tops, crop tops, or short sleeve shirts. Remember fall is all about layering, and being fashionable and chic.

Keep reading to check out some of the “Clutch must have” items to add to your wardrobe this season.


Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”

L’markeinparis ( Lala) Walston

Slouch Boots

This trend isn’t going anywhere, and why should it? The slouch boot is so cute. I think it’s actually cute if you pair them with the right outfit. What’s so different about them this year in comparison to previous years? Now you can find them with patterns, or floral designs. Search affordable online sites like Boohoo, Missguided, and Fashion Nova.

Fresh Knit in Bold Prints

Who would have thought knit material would be a thing? It is so on trend and perfect for the chilly weather. I know what you’re thinking, its not fashionable, but indeed it is. Check out the photo below. My personal favorite are long midi knit skirts.

Modern Leather

Leather has always been a fall staple, but this fall look for bold colors in long coats and leather full suits. Now leather can be faux leather and no one would know the difference. My color of choice is a emerald green leather long coat. Check out the cute leather coat below click on the highlighted link above to purchase.

The Cropped Blazer

OMG! I absolutely adore a good cropped blazer. I’m vertically challenged so cropped blazers are perfect for my height. Not only are they stylish they add a since of having a put together look without trying too hard.

The Pleated Skirt

I got into the pleated skirt trend last fall season. You can pair them with a nice sweater, blouse, or leather jacket. The key is finding the right length for your body type. I have to opt for shorter pleated skirts because of my height. Check out this one below and click the link above to purchase.