During the quarantine a lot of people were indulging more into self care. I was one of them! We all had the time and patience to really see what our skin needed and try new products. Although, I didn’t splurge on high end skincare items I found some pretty good drugstore brands. I was happy to see what worked for my skin and what didn’t.

I feel as though sometimes our skin can get use to our current routine and the products don’t work as well as they did in the beginning. If you have sensitive skin like myself then I don’t recommend veering too far from your normal routine. Try to stick to similar ingredients from your current routine so that your skin doesn’t break out due to the use of foreign products. Since Target is my happy place I wanted to try a new cleanser, mask, moisturizer, and beauty powder. All of the new items I tried were CLUTCH! Keep reading below to check out the products.


Let’s start with cleanser. I wanted a cleanser that was mild, but still effective when it came to combating acne. I really love the St. Ives brand not only is it affordable but it does the job. I stumbled across the “ St. Ives acne control daily cleanser with tea tree. I know what you’re thinking tea tree has a powerful smell! That’s the thing this cleanser actually smelled more like green tea than tea tree. The lather was good enough to penetrate into the skin without leaving film, residue, or extreme dryness. After rinsing the product I didn’t have any redness, which is always a good sign considering that my skin is extremely sensitive. I have been using this product for two months, and I haven’t had any major concerns. If you want clear skin without the hassle of spending a fortune then this product is for you. To purchase click here.


Next is moisturizer. When it comes to picking a good moisturizer you want to make sure that it’s light due to the summer climate. I naturally have oily skin, so I typically like an oil free moisturizer. If you have dry skin an oil free moisturizer shouldn’t be on your list of skincare items to purchase. I wanted to stick to the same brand. St. Ives has this watermelon oil free moisturizer that’s hydrating to the skin and non greasy. The thing I love about this product is that it even applies well under any foundation makeup application. The smell is amazing and it leaves your face feeling fresh/ smelling good majority of the day. To purchase click here.


I chose not to purchase a new toner simply because the one I have been using works wonders for my skin. I’ve just started using it four months ago. The toner I use has rose water in it. The benefits of rose water are as follows: Improves your complexion, reduces skin redness, reduces acne, has vitamin C, and lightens dark spots. This toner is lightweight and has the light pleasant smell of roses to compliment it’s beneficial properties. To purchase click here.


Mask are so important when having a skincare regimen. Mask clean out all of the dirt and grime. They also keep whiteheads and blackheads to a minimum. My mask of choice is infused with Kale and charcoal by the Pacifica brand sold at your local target. I have nothing but good things to say about this mask. It’s something great about knowing you are putting a kale infused product on your face. To purchase click here.


Most people think beauty powders are just a fad but they are actually essential for your health and skin. Since I have been using this beauty powder for months now I can see a huge difference in my skin. My skin doesn’t produce as much oil and I have an outer glow that has been complimented on several times. I also have more energy and my back acne has cleared up. The beauty powder that I currently use is also by the Pacifica brand it’s called SLAY ALL DAY. I take two scoops of the powder and mix it into my water bottle once daily. For maximum results I typically take it in the morning on an empty stomach before I eat breakfast. This powder is so healthy and vegan friendly. It’s infused with vitamins and minerals. To purchase click here. I promise you will thank me later.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post on skincare. Let me know in the comments if you decide to try any of these items.

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”

L’ Markeinparis ( Lala) Walston