When it comes to relaunching a clothing brand from the past sometimes I can be a little hesitant, but this time I am so excited! Baby Phat is coming back! Can you believe it? I remember wearing the brand my last year of middle school and throughout high school. Honey child if you were seen sporting Baby Phat you were indeed the cool girl on the block. I remember rocking the black coat with the gold logo cat on the back and the fur hood. If you have no clue what the brand Baby Phat is then you were not fully a fan of urban fashion/culture.

Baby Phat was created by Russell Simmons and his then wife at the time Super Model Kimora Lee Simmons (Leissner) in 1999, through the Phat Fashions empire. Considering that the men’s line Phat Farm was doing extremely well on it’s own Baby Phat ended up reigning supreme by bringing in $1billon dollars in sales. Unfortunately, in 2004 the year I graduated from Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, N.C. the company was brought out by the Kellywood Company. However, Kimora still served as the creative director for 5 or 6 years before the company officially stopped making new collections. I actually commend her for being the creative director because ultimately no one has the real vision for your brand but you.

I think what made the brand initially take off was the support from celebrities endorsing the brand and let’s not forget that Kimora always had bomb campaigns where she featured herself as the face of the brand along with her little girls Ming Lee (19) and Aoki Lee (16). Since celebrities like Lil Kim, Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child and so many other women were seen wearing the brand it really started to resonate with the urban community and hip-hop culture. Now moving forward it’s the companies 20 year anniversary. Kimora made the announcement for a comeback while discussing International Women’s Day at the “SHE Innovates” campaign promoting gender equality in the work place.
“It’s very important that you have women on both sides — women as the end user, women as the creators,” she explained. “We are such a big consumer, we are responsible for so many of the dollars floating around. We need to take more of that responsibility and own it. And it needs to be targeted towards us.”

According to Kimora her daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee will be helping her revamp the brand, which I think is an awesome idea considering they were walking down the runway closing out the shows back in the day when they were just toddlers. I think Ming and Aoki will bring a fresh modern twist to the brand. I can’t wait to see the new campaigns and the entire collection. What you can expect to see is the original logo along side some sports wear items/retro items. The relaunch is scheduled to debut this summer. In the comments let me know if you will be wearing Baby Phat and if you are excited for the relaunch. I know I am, and I will be flexing the brand on the gram this summer so stay tuned.

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”

Latavia Walston