Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of meeting Char Wilson instantly falls in love with her. I met this young beauty on my first movie set, for the movie “Couples Night” (2018) starring Charles Malik Whitfield, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Clifton Powell, Tony Rock, and Denise Boutte. She was the lead hairstylist and I was assisting in wardrobe. I talked to her almost everyday and we just clicked. Char automatically drew me in by her beauty alone, but once I saw her talent I realized that doing hair is truly her passion. Even though I only had the opportunity to work with Char for a short time one thing I noticed about her was that she doesn’t crack under pressure, she is humble, and a complete joy to be around. Mrs. Char Wilson is about her business! She has her eye on her goals and no one can steer her away from her life mission. Char may be a Celebrity Hairstylist, but don’t get it twisted she is a star in her own right.

You may recognize Char from doing some of the most sought out celebs in Hollywood. She was one of the key hairstylist for singer, songwriter, and reality star K. Michelle, Iyanla Vanzant, Angela Simmons, and Naturi Naughton from the hit Starz television show “Power” produced by rapper Curtis Jackson (50 Cent). Like always, I make connections with so many people and I patiently wait for the right moment to interview them. I have known Char for a year now, and I knew one day that I would reach out to Char to interview her. Since hair and fashion go together like peanut butter & jelly it was only fitting for me to interview her during our fashion theme for our blog. You can’t have a good outfit without beautiful hair to match! I wanted to chat with Char about hair care, being a Celebrity Hairstylist, owning her own salon suite, and what’s next for her in her career. Within the year that I’ve known Char she has elevated her life to levels most hairstylist dream of. Being the lead hairstylist on one of VH1’s hit shows (Love & Hip- Hop Atlanta) is a major accomplishment. If you are wondering how she did it the answer is simple. Char advances with determination, and her faith in God. To learn how to #levelup just like Char keep reading my interview with her below. I hope this interview inspires women around the world to continue to become #girlbosses and make the best out of the life you want to live without boundaries.
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Exclusive Interview With Celebrity Hairstylist Char Wilson

C.Y.C.- How did you get into the hair industry?
C.W.- Hair has been apart of my family. My mother did hair and so did my aunts. I really got started working in the shop with aunt when I was 12. I started off as a braider.
C.Y.C.- How were you able to market yourself in order to work on movie sets and reality television? I know I first met you on a movie set. You were the lead hairstylist and I was assisting in wardrobe. I know you have done hair for Angela Simmons, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Naturi Naughton and so many other celebs.
C.W.- I started off at the age of 12 doing hair. Originally I wanted to become an accountant, but you know you can never get away from your calling. I would do hair out of my house and sometimes I would duck people. One day I finally took hair serious and I went to school at Paul Mitchell. Then I convinced my mom to open up a shop. I worked there for 5 years.Long story short I use to travel to Atlanta just to hang out. I wanted to move there, so I was living in Atlanta for two months. I met this girl and I did her hair. She ended up becoming my client as well as becoming an assistant on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, so she referred me to the show. One opportunity led to another and so forth.As far as the connection with working on the movie set “Couples Night” I met Michele Lopez  which is a really good mentor of mine at 20 years old. She was a Wardrobe Stylist at Saks at the time. We just kept in contact over the years and really connected. She eventually became the lead Wardrobe Stylist for Iyanla Vanzant. When she found an opportunity for me to work with her 7 years later she gave it to me. 

C.Y.C.- Who do you look up to in the industry that does hair now?

C.W.- I think everybody is so bomb! My mentor Tracey Moss is so laid back and low key. She works on majority of the films in Atlanta. She has worked with Gabrielle Union to Monica Brown and anyone else you can possibly think of. I love Kim Kimble she is pretty dope. I pretty much love everyone in the industry.
C.Y.C.- What are two hair tips everyone should know?
C.W.- It’s important to maintain healthy hair underneath a weave or wig. Regular treatments are a must! Also, don’t forget to keep up with your trims.
C.Y.C.- What’s the key to building a healthy salon?
C.W.-  I would say I made a lot of mistakes. I opened my salon at 24 years old which is extremely young. I didn’t go to school for business, so a lot of things that I do is based on trial and error. I wish they would put together a really dope game plan for beginners. I have salon suites, which to me is more ideal. The hair industry has changed so much that everybody is their own individual boss. To run a successful salon my advice would be to just have a secure business plan. I highly recommend any stylist that is looking to open a salon to either go to a fully commissioned salon or to do a salon suite.
C.Y.C.- What are your 4 favorite styling products that my readers can purchase from the drugstore in order to help them maintain healthy strands at home? 
C.W.- I love Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny it’s a serum for frizz. It gives the hair a natural shine and it’s not greasy. Another favorite product of mine is It’s A 10 Miracle Finishing Spray. As far as edge tamers my favorite lately has been the Edge Tamer from Kera Care. If you are taking your weave down at home I would recommend the Hair By Char Weave Cleanser, which I’m about to restock. I currently have it in my salon. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to make it more accessible. When people go and purchase my hair online they can also purchase my hair products. 

C.Y.C.- What is the biggest risk you’ve taken so far in your career?

C.W.- My biggest risk was a couple of years back when I moved to Los Angeles. I winged it, and I ended up working on the K. Michelle “My Life” reality show. It was a really good experience. When you move to LA you have to already have a plan in place. You can’t just wing it in LA, because it’s expensive honey! 

K. Michelle & Char on set

C.W.- I was there for probably two months. I am a very creative and forward person. I need to be doing multiple things even though I’m doing movie sets, or television shows. I have to have that mobility to continue working. If I go to set from 7am to 7pm I still want to have that option to go to the shop from 8pm to 10pm if I want to. Being in California I was just closed into that one opportunity at that time, and I like to be flexible.

C.Y.C.- I didn’t even know you moved there. Wow that was a huge risk LOL.

C.Y.C.- What was it like working with K. Michelle? Most people say she is a DIVA and hard to work with. For some reason my Soror is always portrayed as the villain. 
C.W.-  K. Michelle has always been nice to me. She always referred to me as a sister. We would laugh, cry, and have fun on set. She was a pleasure to work with. At the end of the day K. Michelle is K. Michelle.

C.Y.C.- What do you like about being a hairstylist the most?
C.W.- One of the things that I really love the most is interacting with people. Making women feel beautiful about themselves. You never know how much of an impact you make on people. You might be having a bad day and you get your hair done and it could change your whole perspective of your day. I’ve had people cry in my chair and once I was done with their hair they felt better. The salon is not just a place to get your hair done, it’s therapy. The salon is girls time, therapy, and a makeover session at the same time. 
C.Y.C.- You have accomplished so much at a young age. What’s next for lady Char?
C.W.- I’m going to quit! 
C.Y.C.- Oh My Gosh, Char…..
C.W.- I’m kidding! I want to work on more movie sets and travel. Nothing is off limits for me.
C.Y.C.- Do you plan on opening more salon suits in the future?
C.W.- Of course! I’m actually thinking about opening “A Hair By Char II” in Atlanta. It’s not set in stone yet. I have an opportunity to make that happen, so it just might happen in the near future.

Char Wilson

C.Y.C.- I am extremely proud of you and how far you have come. What are you most proud of about yourself?

C.W.- I don’t know. I don’t look at things in that light. When your doing stuff you don’t really have time to do a review of your accomplishments. Honestly this is a hard question for me. I haven’t had time to take in a proud moment yet. I’m constantly evolving and trying to get to the next level. 
C.Y.C- Dang…. Okay sis! I love that answer!

C.Y.C.- Since we are a fashion blog who is your style icon?
C.W.- I don’t have one. I’m really different. I like to be comfortable and sometimes sexy. You are asking me a lot of questions that I don’t’ have answers to LOL! I always tend to dress according to how I feel that day. I love Free People that’s my favorite store. Free People is what I usually wear all the time.
C.Y.C.- Is protective styling better in the summer or in the winter? 
C.W.- What is protective styling? Protective styling is simply anything in your hair that’s protecting your strands. Everyone’s definition of protective styling and what it’s used for is totally different. Like someone may say your hair is heat damaged, but it may not be heat damaged it could be because you straighten your hair so much that you lost your curl pattern. You can do protective styles year round.

C.Y.C.- If you had the opportunity to do a celebrities hair for any magazine cover who would it be?
C.W.-Beyonce! Who doesn’t want to do Beyonce’s hair!
C.Y.C.- Yassss! All hail to the Queen.
C.Y.C.- What is the biggest challenge when it comes to styling celebrity hair? 

C.W.- To be honest I have a really mild temper and I work well with people, so I really don’t have any challenges. I was recently working with Angela Simmons. Her manager said she had nothing but good things to say. Most of the time she is not good with warming up to new people. She normally likes to stick to the people she is the most comfortable with. I think that’s a blessing that I can be really calm and well mannered. I just do my job without the pressure or added stress.

C.Y.C.- Yes, I have seen you on set. You are very calm in the mist of a storm. It seems like while your on set your just in your zone.

Char on set for the movie "Couples Night"

C.W.-I’m not a person that tries to focus on the problem I try to find a solution. I try not to get nervous or crumble under pressure. I’m always thinking two steps ahead. For instance I might not have the right wig on set and I will make a way out of no way. I have been in predicaments where I have been on set and they will say we need you to make a wig for a Love & Hip-Hop cast member in 45 minutes, and I can do it! I am very optimistic, nothing is out of reach! I don’t  put limits on myself because I can do anything. All women can do anything! Everyone knows that once you put your mind to something you can do it. Even with my salon no one can see the vision but me, because I’m a visionary. They see the end result, but I saw the result before it was ever presented. How my salon looks now, I remember drawing the picture, and it looks exactly like how it did on paper. You have to be the visionary of your own dreams for them to manifest.

C.Y.C.- Amen to that.
C.W.-You just really have to stay positive and put the things you want into the universe. Be kind to people. I am not one of those people who brags or boast. I feel like I’m always blessed and God continues to bless me with things when no one is looking. Majority of the things I do is not documented or on social media. I have crossed paths with people that I will probably never cross paths with again in my life. To me that type of energy is the best. Sometimes we try to control things and we can’t. Everything is in God’s hands. You just have to put out the energy that you want back and that’s normally how everything happens.

C.Y.C.- Do you have your own hair care products?
C.W.- I have a shampoo and conditioner, a serum, and a weave cleanser. The Hair By Char Serum is really good. You can put it on your natural hair and use it as a blow out serum. Then if you decide to press your hair out, just run the product through your hair to add a nice shine. It’s amazing.

Char's Hair Products

C.Y.C.- Can people buy your products online?

C.W.- People can purchase my products online within the next two weeks. I did my first run through by trial and error. I gave a lot of products away in order to get feedback. Now that I know the products are good I’m going to do more marketing. You will see in the next couple of months. I have been quiet on social media because I have been revamping everything for things to become more timeless. It’s hard because I am doing everything alone. I’m the manager and the assistant. I’m just trying to build a solid team so people can help me. With the team in place I will be able to be more creative and give people employment. I just really want to help and inspire others.

C.Y.C.- I was just about to ask you do you have an assistant that works with you and handles your day to day operations?
C.W.- I don’t! I need a marketing person and a full-time assistant as we speak. I know I came from nothing and I work extremely hard. Once I get those people that are hungry and are not just in it for the money then I will hire them. If you have no passion behind what you do then your job doesn’t make sense. 
C.Y.C.- I always end my interviews with a quote that people live by. What is a quote that you live by?
C.W.- I have two. My first quote is “Be yourself everyone else is taken.” People seem to think that because of society you have to fit into this bubble. Never change who you are. Just be you! It doesn’t matter what others think of you. That’s the most authentic thing you can be is yourself. My second quote is “Live the life you love and love the life you live.”
C.Y.C.- Break that last quote down for me please.
C.W.- One of my clients son said it to me and it just stuck with me. That’s just a really good quote to live by. I actually have it on my vision board now. If you love the life that you live and you don’t get caught up in where you think you should be in life then you will truly be fulfilled. We have to remember to love our own life instead of wishing for someone else’s. You have to be happy with being you. If you find that your not happy create the life you want for yourself.
C.Y.C.- Preach sister Char, Preach!!!

To keep up with Char or to book her please visit her social media handle on Instagram or visit her Website.