Being a blogger is both rewarding and sometimes hectic, but nevertheless one of the most important things beyond being an influencer is actually supporting other bloggers. I love following other bloggers on Instagram to give me more inspiration and to just show them so love. I typically support smaller bloggers who are just as talented as bigger bloggers. To be honest most smaller bloggers tend to have better content because they actually have full control over what they can create. Bigger bloggers have more guidelines, so sometimes I often feel like the content is not always authentic. The three bloggers that are featured in this post are Instagram bloggers and some of them actually have readable content that you should check out. Like most of us bloggers today we are mothers, wives, girlfriends, and we work a full time job all while trying to create. That’s what’s so special about these women who I follow they all wear different hats, but yet their content never slacks. From fashion, to beauty, and lifestyle these 3 ladies have you covered. To see who I think is “Clutch” in the DMV blogger arena keep reading my post.

Bloggers You Should Know

Maru– (Faithlovelife&style) Maru is the go-to person for home décor, fashion, and all things events. If you want to know what events are happening in the DMV area she definitely has you covered and chances are she will be attending. Her Instastory is filled with quotes and real life blogger stories. I had the pleasure of meeting Maru at A Convos With Claire blogger event. As a content creator Maru’s strength is posing and having the perfect captions to go with her pictures. If you need a positive quote to lift your day, or if you need to revamp your living space Maru is the blogger for you. To check out Maru’s blog click here. To read my favorite blog post from her blog click here.

Bobby Nichole– Bobby is the makeup queen known mostly for her boho chic style. She is simply breathtaking! Her Instagram feed is worth the hype not only does it showcase her style but her beauty. Her specialty as a blogger is editing and really knowing how to work a camera. I met Bobby at the same blogger event that I met Dita and we just clicked. When you look at Bobby’s Instagram you will see a combination of fashion, family, and of course beautiful makeup. Don’t be surprised if you come across her YouTube channel she use to do bomb makeup tutorials.

Dita– Ditaeish is known for her fashion and makeup, but don’t be surprised on Instagram if she addresses a controversial issue like colorism. She often stands up for what she believes in and is not afraid to tell her opinion. If you are into dramatic makeup looks she is your go to girl. I met Dita a long time ago when she was working for MAC Cosmetics and later we reunited at a blogger meetup. I have been following her ever since. Dita’s strength as a content creator is creative directing. She knows angles, the mood, location, etc. Make sure you check out her blog and YouTube channel for makeup looks and fierce fashion inspiration. To read her blog click here. This is my favorite blog post from her blog about fashion to read click here. Subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t name more bloggers to highlight, and that’s simple! These ladies are supportive and we actually work together to produce great content. Get use to hearing their names because they are going to be apart of a special project that I have in the works. More details about the project will be coming up soon. Make sure you follow them on Instagram and read their blogs.

Until Next Time,

“Stay Clutch”

Lala Walston (Lmarkeinparis)